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Stood in the Gap

Jun 10, 2021

“I believe in you.” 

On the verge of quitting the family company, Seth Morales heard these words and took ownership of the situation. Before becoming CEO of the Morales Group, Seth was increasingly frustrated with how the company was being run. 

In this episode, Seth shares how he changed the company to be something he believed in and what guiding principles helped him accomplish it.

In This Episode: 

  • [02:12] – This/That with Seth
  • [03:52] – Seth joins the family business
  • [05:45] – A pivotal moment in Seth’s career
  • [11:15] – Following in his father’s footsteps
  • [15:22] – Seth’s guiding principles
  • [18:03] – Be open and authentic
  • [21:43] – The impact of “I believe in you.”
  • [23:11] –  Mental health in leadership
  • [25:52] – Seth’s career advice

Quotes From This Episode: 

  • “At a leadership level, there needs to be alignment and cohesion. If you don't have that type of cohesion then you can kiss having fun being part of an organization like that goodbye.”
  • “I’ve learned you have to have radical candor. If you can't speak the truth, if you can't have some of these difficult conversations, it's really going to affect your relationships.”
  • “As a leader, you're a firefighter. You have dark clouds you're always navigating around, problems and challenges, and you have to be cozy or comfortable with it.”