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Stood in the Gap

Oct 14, 2021

“Help people because it’s the right thing to do.” 

It’s a simple concept that has served Tony Mason well. As CEO and President of the Indianapolis Urban League, a community outreach program dedicated to helping minorities achieve social and economic equality, Tony lives those words every day.

As Tony admits, helping others is sometimes a thankless task, but he’s had others go to bat for him and believes we should all pay it forward. Listen to his full story to see what shaped him as a man, father, and community leader.

In This Episode: 

  • [02:22] This/That with Tony
  • [04:38] Tony’s story
  • [10:34] Where Tony’s work ethic comes from
  • [12:57] Tony’s path to Indianapolis
  • [16:30] Leading with your heart not your head
  • [18:07] People who stood in the gap for Tony
  • [22:16] Never assume you know what someone’s going through
  • [25:30] Showing up and being vulnerable
  • [31:03] “Help people because it’s the right thing to do”
  • [32:17] What Tony wants people to know about him
  • [33:26] Bring leaders together to achieve a common goal
  • [35:21] Words of wisdom

Quotes From This Episode: 

  • “We’re not guaranteed in this life that every day is gonna be smooth. It doesn’t matter how strong your faith is. There are going to be challenges, and you’ve got to find a way through all of that. It forces you to be humble and open, and vulnerable.”
  • “We have to work together to be the cavalry for our people and our community. No one is going to do that for us.”
  • “If you think the cost of education is expensive, try the cost of ignorance.”