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Stood in the Gap

Jun 24, 2021

Wayne DeVeydt is the Executive Chairman of the Board of Surgery Partners, Inc and the former CEO. In his journey to senior leadership, Wayne constantly reminds others to be humble, selfless, and to use the gifts God has given you. 

Wayne admits he grew up prideful and selfish, characteristics he still struggles with today. Only when his luxurious life disappeared did he pay attention to God’s calling.

In this episode, Derrin and Wayne get vulnerable about the difficulty of family and leadership journeys. Listen to his story and his advice to young people trying to accelerate their life and career.

In This Episode: 

  • [02:46] – This/That with Wayne
  • [04:58] – Wayne’s pivotal moments
  • [09:06] – A hero moment
  • [14:13] – The danger of pride
  • [15:38] – Your wife left you
  • [21:25] – Wayne’s advice to those struggling
  • [24:19] – How Wayne’s husband/father philosophy has evolved
  • [27:02] – Overcoming selfishness
  • [31:36] – Wayne’s leadership advice