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Stood in the Gap

Jan 26, 2023

Everyone faces challenges in life, but it’s important to remember that we can learn from each other and grow stronger together. Willie Little and 10-year-old DeMarion, who are both guests on Stood in the Gap, share their stories of how growing up in a diverse community has profoundly shaped their perspectives. They...

Jan 12, 2023

Discover the story of Amber Fields on "Stood in the Gap," a podcast that delves into the people who have helped others succeed and become successful leaders. Join host Derrin Slack as he plays a fun "This or That" game with Amber, and hear her share the powerful words that changed her life: "When are you going to...

Dec 29, 2022

On today's show, we have a very special guest: Ra'Kiyah T., a participant in the Kids in Action Program at Willow Lake Elementary School in Indianapolis, IN. Derrin Slack, host and CEO of ProAct Indy, is thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down with Ra'Kiyah and find out more about her experiences in the program....

Nov 11, 2021

Blake Behr grew up in a one-parent home. He knows how important it is for people to show up and show support for others. For Blake, one such person hit him with the cold, hard truth: were his problems the fault of others, or was some of it really on him?

That question changed his life trajectory. Now the President of

Oct 28, 2021

At the age of twelve, Bryan Brenner’s life turned upside down. Suddenly, his parents got divorced, the family filed for bankruptcy, and Bryan's father told him he had to be the man of the house. 

For Bryan, it was a lesson in how impactful words can be in a negative way, as that sentence filled him with a sense of...