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Stood in the Gap

Jan 12, 2023

Discover the story of Amber Fields on "Stood in the Gap," a podcast that delves into the people who have helped others succeed and become successful leaders. Join host Derrin Slack as he plays a fun "This or That" game with Amber, and hear her share the powerful words that changed her life: "When are you going to realize that you have everything you need within?"

Uncover Amber's journey of self-discovery as she navigates through different career paths, including broadcasting, logistics and customer service, and sales. Understand the struggles of finding one's true identity and fulfillment in life, and join in as Amber shares her experience of feeling lost and searching for validation in the wrong places. 

Our Youth Voice segment features Erina Q., a youth leader in ProAct's Kids in Action Club at Northview Middle School of MSD Washington Township (Indianapolis, IN).