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Stood in the Gap

May 20, 2021

“Life is always speaking to you.”

In this episode, Andrea Butcher, President of HRD Advisory Group, joins Derrin Slack for a conversation about leadership, listening, and honesty. As she shares her story, see if you can identify the way life might be speaking to you. 


In her conversation with Derrin, Andrea references the Enneagram. To learn more about this, you can check out Andrea’s podcast, Being [at Work], and look for the Daily Dose Takeovers by Rachel Pritz.

In This Episode: 

  • [02:08] – This/That played with Andrea
  • [03:30] – Andrea’s guardian angel
  • [06:00] – Andrea’s leadership philosophy
  • [09:58] – Overcoming failure
  • [11:15] – Advice for self-discovery
  • [14:00] – Having an accountability partner
  • [15:14] – Andrea’s divorce and what it taught her
  • [18:05] – Andrea’s guiding principles

Quotes From This Episode: 

  • “The greatest gift that you have to give others is you.”
  • “Stop looking around and trying to emulate everyone else's leadership style. You’ve got to figure out your own leadership philosophy.”
  • “Tell the truth about what's really going on with you.”