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Stood in the Gap

Nov 11, 2021

Blake Behr grew up in a one-parent home. He knows how important it is for people to show up and show support for others. For Blake, one such person hit him with the cold, hard truth: were his problems the fault of others, or was some of it really on him?

That question changed his life trajectory. Now the President of Ridgeline Electrical Industries and as a leader, Blake puts ownership of his words and actions at the top of his list of priorities. Blake takes time to coach his employees everyday and invests in them as people as well as employees, all because he wants to be able to stand in the gap for them, just like many people did for him. Listen to his whole story to hear how that effort has proven to be more than worth the while. 

In This Episode: 

  • [00:52] This/That with Blake
  • [05:55] Blake’s story
  • [10:07] Learning to take responsibility 
  • [12:53] How the words “maybe it’s on you” changed Blake’s trajectory
  • [14:12] What inspired Blake to want to develop people
  • [17:24] Problematic mindsets
  • [20:50] Principles that define a leader
  • [25:37] What keeps Blake up at night
  • [27:13] Blake’s guiding principles
  • [29:41] Why a leader needs to be empathetic
  • [31:41] How to be a strong foundation for others
  • [35:02] Blake’s advice to anyone struggling 

Quotes From This Episode: 

  • “We’re all scared boys and girls inside of our own heads that need somebody to step into that gap, that need someone to say those words to overcome that one mindset that’s holding us back from greatness.”
  • “Nobody gets pissed that a game isn't over yet. Nobody cares because there's a game. You enjoy the game. You enjoy the process. I feel like business is the only game where we are pissed off we're not already at the finishline.”
  • “Get curious and lean into the danger.”